Thursday, April 05, 2007

A one page comic

I think it's funny.


  1. i actually laughed a bit at this...not the censor monkey bit, i think you ruined it with that. But because the comic was actually getting funny and at the best part you censor it...maybe it's because im severely hung over but yeah...i laughed, out loud even. It's also your most solid drawings I've seen.

  2. yea this was a funny bit. You had a good little build up.

    And if you work with symbols enough you learn alpot of tricks in making things move properly, i still have much to learn but flash and harmony can produce some pretty cool shit.

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  4. douchebag said...
    Why did thoust erase my last comments?

    No trolls allowed.

    Thanks for the comments guys. Actually, this was intended for the comic book I'm involved with. The theme was ninjas this time. However, they didn't accept this one because thy considered it "shallow" and "immature". But, not to let it go to waste, I thought "it's my work and my blog" so I put it up here for all to enjoy (except for dumbass trolls of course).

    Once again, thanks.

  5. you seem to have a lot of problems with your content being rejected... even when it's a favor for a family member (i.e. the whole male/ female gym event you posted a while back). I myself have had problems with this in the past, sometimes its best to play it safe and play to your intended audience. By the way, in animation there are no such people as censors really, its usually the head artists and producers themselves making decisions about what is appropriate. There are people called Standards and Practices, but they are in charge of following a set of established (albeit sometimes stuffy and arbitrary) broadcast rules, but no actual censors. "Censors" are something out of the 40's (and the Tiny Toons theme song... blech.)
    Sometimes keeping it "clean" can lead you to more creative and funnier solutions, i.e. your current one page comic. It's actually a lot funnier this way, (merely hinting at the foulness beneath.) remember, in comedy as in horror movies, the trick is to leave some things to the imagination.

    Great job!