Thursday, April 19, 2007

I haven't done this in a while

About a year ago this month, I started doing caricatures of people at work. The first of which was posted up here exactly a year and a day ago. My first victim's name was Logan. Soon afterwards, I got a request from someone else at work. Amy absolutely INSISTED that I render her as well. So I did. Then, a short time later, a made a fun little jumble involving two other people at work. Try and solve it if you can.

I came up with a TV show (or possibly a web-toon) idea called Jeff Mullet. His design is based on an indiviual who was at my animation school for a period of time. I'd tell you more but there's no way you'd believe it. Most of us who went to that school still can't believe it ourselves.

Last fall, I did a caricature for a different reason. Basically it was a dishonourable send-off for this piece of cheese. But, soonafter I made a very favourable caricature as a birthday present for someone at work. (It's the one at the bottom)

And now, here's the latest in my year long tradition of caricaturing co-workers. This one is of Scott. Here he is in a typical conversation with his latino boyfriend Justin. (Yes, I said 'boyfriend'. Y'see, Scott "pitches for the other team" so to speak. And so what if he does?) (Also, I should note that I have no idea what Justin looks like, so I just went with a generic Mexican stereotype. I'm hoping this image is close enough)(And, sorry about the folds in the paper. I took these pictures to work so that I could get Scott's approval before posting these pictures.)

Anyway, enjoy the drawings. Hopefully there'll be more to come.

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