Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And here's their first "adventure".

You don't have to read this. It's just a transcript of the dialogue from the comic so that people can find it easier on Google.

Citizen Kane: Rosebud!

Victorian Monkey: That woman's.... er.... ugh.... birthing hole just talked. OBSCENITY!

Priest Monkey: Proverbs 31:3

Patron: Sit Down!!

Mr. Thathcher: It is in my opinion that Mr. Charles Foster Kane is nothing more than a communist.

American Monkey: COMMUNIST!!!

American Monkey: Why! That's Un-American! And I caint stand ANYTHAING that's Un-American!

Priest Monkey: Psalms 38:20

American Monkey: DIE!! COMMIE BASTARD!!

Mr. Thatcher: Charles! Don't hit me with the sled.

Horrible Mother Monkey: OOH! I must protect my children from this kind of atrocious behavior. It could give my little angels bad ideas.

Priest Monkey: Romans 13:2


Horrible Mother Monkey: Hey, is there any educational value to this movie? Because I aint learnin' a darn thing.

Priest Monkey: Isaiah 32:7

singer: You know his name! You know his name!

Victorian Monkey: OH! Disregard that hideous T & A.

Priest Monkey: Hosea 2:10

Jed: I do the dramatic crimitism... um... crisi... umm... I am drunk.

:Victorian Monkey: Engaging in the drink. How vile!

Priest Monkey: Proverbs 23:31

Horrible Mother Monkey: Who will shield my babies?

Psychologist Monkey: Yes, according to my extensive research (with no hidden agendas at all), this will cause alcoholism in the age range of 13 to 57 to rise 9.56721%.

Jazz singer: It can't be love.

Black Panther Monkey: THAT'S RACIST!!

Patron: What? How?

Black Panther Monkey: Hey! If an ethnic character isn't acting white, that's RACISM!!

Priest Monkey: Acts 10:35

Horrible Mother Monkey: Oh! More atrocious behavior.


Nazi Monkey: You vill be silenced!

American Monkey: C'mawn y'all! There are other athiest, racist, and down-right Un-American movies in this here the-aitre. LET'S GO!

Nazi Monkey: Sig Heil!

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