Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brooding Idiot with a Big Gun

The title refers to the show's main character, Brodi. He is a self-employed bounty hunter with a traumatic yet silly past.
It all started one day when he was a baby. His father was at work and his mother was staying home looking after him. She walked behind a wall for just a few minutes. However, him being a baby, he thought mom had simply disappeared. He felt quite alone. Then their little yappy dog let out a bark which spooked him right out of the house. Right then and there he felt he was on his own. Lying on the front porch was a hunting rifle his dad had carelessly left there loaded. Little Brodi picked it up and crawled out into the world. From that point on he used the gun to aquire food, shelter, transportation, and more guns. In fact, he possessed so many guns that the NRA made him their honorary poster child. Actually, it was the NRA where he learned to talk and handle guns professionally.
Whenever someone asked him about his upbringing, his response was "my parents are dead". That's what he assumed happened when his mom went into the other room.
Unbeknownst to him, his parents were still alive and well. When he disappeared, they didn't look for him because they didn't want anyone in the neighborhood to think they were bad parents. So, they just pretended he never existed and started over by having other children.
In the present day, he persues four major criminals:

Hare Downthere - His sick mind enjoys helping dangerous criminals break out of prison so that he can let them loose into the community and "watch the fun".

Innercity Quackhead - He may look like an innocent duckling, but he is really the biggest drug kingpin in the world.

Afro Deezy Jack - Top assassin. He also has legions of followers he has trained to be almost as much of a highly skilled assassin as he is. He likes to use Rube Goldberg traps for his assassinations so that none of them can be traced back to him. However, he can easily be spotted by his funkadelic '70's style.

Cat Ass-Trophy - Diabolical menace. He'll stop at nothing to either conquer the world or make people suffer. Ideally he'd like to do both.

These four criminals use mostly their wits to either cause trouble or outsmart Brodi. But, Brodi, on the other hand, tries to solve every problem by using one of his guns. He does so because that's all he knows about and he is, of course, an idiot. In the pursuit of these criminals, he does more harm than good by shooting up every location.
I'd venture to say that this is a show with no heroes really. Every main character is a villain of some sort. That's what sets this show apart from everything else.


  1. I like the duck alot.

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