Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!!!

Yes indeed a happy 139th birthday to this great nation known as Canada. Bring out the fireworks and wave those maple leaves proudly.

I'm sure that some of you Yanks or anyone in any other country who's reading this blog is thinking that "Oh, Canada made their birthday July 1st so that they can ride on the coat-tails of America's July 4th birthday." NOT SO!!!

The men known now as "the Fathers of Confederation" (one of which was our first Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald *pictured above*) had a meeting in Charlottetown in September of 1864 and drew up the British North America Act. This act brought together the regions of Upper Canada and Lower Canada to create one new province of Canada. Later, provinces were established within Canada those being Ontario, Quebec, Nove Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.
The BNA act was brought to the attention of Queen Victoria in England on March 29, 1867. After much thought, she declared Canada it's own dominion on July 1, 1867. Canada was not seperate from England. We still had to confer with England's parliament through a Governor General. But, for the most part, we were a self-governing nation from that day forth and that is what we Canadians celebrate today.

Oh, and this picture explains why Canada's land mass stretches from Nova Scotia to as far as Vancouver like it does:

Blogger makes this picture blue somehow. >:(

Any Canucks or those who know and enjoy Canucks definitely post a comment on this blog shouting HAPPY BIRTHDAY or WHOOPIE, EH!


  1. John A would be proud!

  2. Even though I'm not Canadian, I'll say it anyway...Happy Canada day!;)

  3. Yeah, rock it old school Canada!

  4. Hey it's me bRaDeN from the boards!! Happy Canada Day! Canada is a safe contry and I love it!

  5. Happy Canada Day, David, and many more to come! :)

  6. When I coloured them in Photoshop they were brown. But, when I uploaded this picture to Blogger they turned blue somehow.