Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Animation by Me

I have to make a link to my video file because blogger won't let me embed the damn thing for some reason. >:(

The above is a work in progress. I was hoping to make a commercial that could be used to promote the Saskatchewan Roughriders or failing that something I could use to show potential clients what I can do with Flash to promote their products.

These are just rough keys so this is nowhere near finished. I thought I'd put it up online here in this "pupil" state so as to get critiques about the animation before I go ahead and finish it up. Maybe some astute and/or observant person will spot things I never thought I'd ever see.

Yes, the sound is muffled with a distinctive din and the visuals are somewhat blurry. This was made on a Mac and put online using a PC. That could account for this poor quality. Although, this might not be a problem for those of you viewing this with a Mac right now.

Oh well, enough tying. Let's see some feedback.


  1. The shot of the crotch swaying back and forth was hilarious!

  2. I really liked the green character at the end. His hopping around was lots of fun to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Dave, good work with getting something up. Good to see you animating and drawing. You have some nice clear posing with the rider and actually some really nice animation moments. The overall thing that stands out is the drawing. You've improved but keep on it and keep working on construction. Flash is a pain to draw with but it gets easier with practice. You might find it easier to get clear drawings by roughing out like you have on one layer, then adding an alpha layer on top and a final black layer on top of that. It's kind of difficult to read the yellowish lines but it looks like it's coming along.