Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

The jerk in the center of the picture above just got fired. We all knew him as Chris (and we really didn't want to know any more than that). His termination was imminent for a few reasons:

1. He "conveniently" didn't show up for work after payday. And when he did, it hurt him inside that he couldn't do whatever he did with his money on that day. (Whatever it was, I don't know and I'm too nauseated to care).

2. He came to work completely high once.

3. He was always flirting with the someone else who works there and creeping him right out in the process.

4. He was basically one of the most annoying human beings one could ever meet.

Feel free to comment either on how much you like this drawing or on how much that guy sucks.


  1. Thats one hellova needle he is getting there. So I take it he wont be at any of your birthday parties?

  2. what do you do for a living

  3. Well, Marlo, what's putting money in my pocket/bank account right now is my job doing maintenance at Mcdonalds. Basically I stay up all night cleaning the machines and whatnot.

    But I am still hopeful that I will get an animation related job. I did complete a 3 year animation program which produced a finished student film that has been shown at some film festivals all over the world and can be seen on the ZeD website. I did get a animation clean-up job at Collideascope in Halifax last year, there's no reason I can't get a similar job again. My art is certainly not up to John K. standards (he made that abundantly clear a few weeks ago), but I see no reason to stop trying.

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  5. hey david,
    nice blog i read ur comment to morlo, to say the truth, even i am doing my 3year animation crouse,in my 2year now... he he
    keep trying dude..
    never give up....

  6. hey, its ok to work at mcdonald's while stoned. it is mcdonald's not a industry leading animation studio. im sorry if he pissed you off by making you pick up his slack, but it is mcdonald's. i haven't eaten at one for years, but i'm sure the standards are the same.

    i work at a restaurant right now too, in a tourist trap area with other resaurants around. wanna know what all the dishwashers are doing at the dumpster when taking the trash out? they are passing around a giant spleeffff! in my opinion being stoned and slacking off for fun is the only way to make a job like that bearable. ride that clock, make that extra dollar.

    i don't know if his flirting with other male employee was legit, but at my work place we are constantly in a high stress, fast paced environment. the cooks and the dish guys are always trading insults and trying to gross eachother out and up the "homophobic male discomfort level" it is just stress relief no one really means any of it, we all go out and get soused at the bar afterwards.

    im just playing devil's advocate here. even hoping someone contracts aids is bad i think. you could have drawn him being fried in hot grease and ass raped with a broken bottle. both which happen but neither are a real life problem that threatens many peoples lives around the world.

    oh and good luck getting your foot into the door in the animaiton field, i am tring the same myself! but currently it seems like the lucious, young, lovley, females have a much easier time dong so =) (at least when it comes to johnny k.)

  7. that's alright, if you keep practicing you'll eventually improve. =)