Sunday, October 01, 2006

I got hosed

Last year at this time, someone commissioned me through e-mail to draw some "hip hop" fish for some kind of project he was doing. So, like a sucker, I did it. I didn't sign any contracts or get any money upfront or any kind of business transaction thingy like that. I just whipped up the above graphic, sent it to him through e-mail, and heard nothing. After some time, I e-mailed him again asking what was going on with these fish and he simply said "I'll let you know in a few months". Well, like I said, it's been almost a year and I'm still waiting.

So, if anyone out there has seen these fish or a slight variation of them plastered on something(s) anywhere in this world, remember that they came from me. I have the original drawing here at home so I could definitely prove ownership if it ever came down to a court battle but I'm sure that won't happen.


  1. you better sue over A SHARK'S TALE dood, they TOTALLY ripped you off! hahahha

  2. I like the pimp mackrel :)

  3. Very funny characters :D