Thursday, October 05, 2006

I drew the dog

This blog said one thing: draw a dog. So I drew a dog. I drew a dog and put it on my blog. He's a blog dog. You like my blog dog? He's a good blog dog. I am agog at this blog dog. No, I didn't draw a hog. I drew a dog. If I drew a hog I'd be saying "look at my blog hog". But NO!!!! It's a blog dog, so I say look at my blog dog.

You know, you couldn't see my blog dog if there was smog. Well, I guess he'd just be a smog blog dog wouldn't he? Do you see any smog? Well then I gues he's not a smog blog dog. He's just a blog dog.

What if he fell in a bog? On top of a hog? Within a cloud of smog? And I drew it and put it on my blog? What would he be? He'd be a soggy bog hog smog blog dog. Would you like that? NO!!! That's cruel. Poor dog and poor hog. Let's just leave it at a blog dog, okay? Thank you.

1 comment:

  1. hey david, ur crazy man,
    nice thoughts.
    keep up ur good work!