Monday, May 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Bob Clampett

Today is the birthday of one of the giants of the animation industry, Mr. Bob Clampett. (As you can see, I drew him with that helmet hair he had in the '70's. What ever possessed him to get that helmet hair?) Mr. Clampett created all the characters you see in that picture as well as many brilliant animation ideas and techniques. If he were alive today, he'd be 93.

Feel free to leave a post-mortum birthday wish for Ol' Bob as well as a thank you for all he's done for the industry.


  1. Charlie J.8/5/06 1:02 PM

    hear hear!

  2. Great picture, David. But you also left out some other Clampett creations. What about Injun Joe, So White, or the bugs from EATIN' ON THE CUFF?

  3. Well, hey, I could have also put Thunderbolt the Wondercolt, The Wildman of Wildsville, The Boo Birds, and Snoreky too. But that picture's quite busy as it is. Just like this picture I drew for Tex Avery's birthday back in February, I only wanted the really popular characters.

  4. The picture's cool and all, but I think it would be funnier if John K. was in there as one of those swooning chicks (the ones who always yell for "Frankie!). After all, John K. is Bob Clampett's biggest fan (at the expense of everyone else).