Friday, May 05, 2006

Very old stuff

I've wanted to be an artist since I was 10 which was in 1984. However, I only graduated from an animation school as of 2003. In the years between that time, I did some bad drawing. Of course, they didn't look horrible to me at the time. But, after receiving some training in that area, they look just plain awful.

This little comic strip I did when I was 10. His name was Onion. He was, of course, an onion. His best friend was a carrot named Carit. His mother was a Turnip and his father was a Radish. His mortal enemy was a mean grape named Sourgrapes with a little brother named Hail (don't ask). In this strip, you see Onion and Carit having a snowball fight with Sourgrapes and Hail. I actually thought this was good. >:P

When I was about 22 or thereabouts, I created a comic strip called Smudgebottom. He was called that because he had a black smudge on his bottom. I chose the comic you see on the right not because it's poignant or terribly funny in any way, it just has all the characters together. From left to right we see the gang's ineffectual leader, Charlie. No, it is not a self portrait of me. It's actually a caricature of my friend Eddie. Y'see, his birth name is Charlie and he ABSOLUTELY HATES that name. So, I drew this likeness of him and called him Charlie just to be an ass. I don't remember if he's caught on yet. Next to him is little Y2K. Yes, he's the little computer virus that was supposed to disrupt everything when the clock struck 2000 A.D. In my strip, he was a mischevious sprite who shot lazers out of his finger. Next to him is Grudgebottom, Smudgebottom's older sister. She was just a total bitch. Next to her is her brother Smudgebottom, the comic's center. He was also a mischevious sprite of sorts. Next is Benedict Bear. He didn't care about anything and therefore didn't do anything. I did find that concept funny at one time. Oh well, at the end of the table was my little Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote conflict element. Smudgebottom owned a little chia pet named Hedgebottom. Of course, a chia pet's natural enemy would be any herbivore. In this case, the antagonist was a sadistic rabbit named Trigger.

But then, I went to animation school, took some art training, and never looked back (until now).


  1. Tammen Stephens20/8/06 5:00 AM

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  2. I'm still going thru a similar thing where I try to improve on my drafstmanship everyday. I just cringe whenever I look at my poor construction and perspective from 5 - 8 years ago.

    The concept for the second cartoon is good. I'd like to see some of your more recent work in comparison.

  3. I'd like to see some of your more recent work in comparison.

    Semaj, check the September archives of my blog for that.