Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hey!! It's a Jumble

Yes, all of you do these jumbles in your newspapers all the time. I've seen you. I'm talking to YOU Mr. Harvey Zymynski of Suckling Springs, Pennsylvania!!! (I just blew your mind, didn't I Harv?)

Anyway, the jumble is based on two people I work with. You don't know them (especially not you, Harvey), but I do. Have fun solving the Jumble.
(Oh, if any of you out there in cyber space actually solve this jumble, please do NOT post the solution in the comments section. (I'm watching you Harvey.) Let others enjoy the same fun you just had.)

Update: As of today, the person in the picture taking a fist to the face has been fired. I won't get into the reasons here. But, I will say that the solution to the jumble seems even more unlikely now. (But, it could still come true for you Harvey).

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